Small Mammals (Gerbils, Rats, Mice, Hamsters)

These furry little animals are often great pets but do require a fair amount of care. They often do best in small, same sex groups (other than hamsters) which will keep them happier, healthier and make them friendlier pets. Each group of animals has many types of commercial foods available and do quite well when fed a high quality brand. Like rabbits and guinea pigs, these rodent’s teeth grow continuously and must be kept trimmed by offering purpose made chew toys, usually made from wood. In addition, diarrhea is common in this group and must be treated as soon as possible due to the often fast course of the diseases.  We recommend exams every 6 months to assess their teeth and general health. Due to their small size and high stress level, blood is only obtained if indicated by illness and they almost always must be sedated for the procedure.