Ultrasonography is a valuable, non-invasive diagnostic tool that produces a tremendous amount of helpful information in many medical and surgical cases.







This is our GE ultrasound unit. This machine has numerous capabilities and functions including color flow Doppler. This allows us to perform highly diagnostic abdominal and cardiac/heart ultrasounds. Several of our doctors have completed extensive ultrasound training courses at the Academy of Veterinary Imaging in Arlington, Texas. This is one of the finest veterinary ultrasound training centers in the country.



 Although most ultrasounds can be performed without sedation we ask that pets are fasted for 12 hours for better imaging and in case sedation is needed


Abdominal Ultrasonography

Ultrasounds of the abdomen are ideal for many medical and surgical cases. Common indications include pregnancy scans, checking for bladder stones or masses, scanning for potential cancers in the liver, spleen, and kidneys. We also utilize the utrasound to obtain non invasive ultrasound guided aspirates & biopsies.


Cardiac/Heart Ultrasonography

Ultrasounds of the heart are necessary for diagnosing patients with possible underlying heart disease. It is also a very helpful tool for differentiating heart disease from patients with primary respiratory disease. It is an invaluable tool for monitoring progression of heart disease and tailoring the best treatment regimen for your pet.