Having your pet on a vaccine schedule is very important.  At Crestview, we take the time to ensure that your pet is getting the vaccines he/she needs and at the appropriate time.

A healthy pet also needs to be checked for heartworms and intestinal parasites annually.  Our veterinarians will perform a full physical exam on your pet and discuss and problems your pet may be having.  Call our office to schedule your pet’s visit today!


Canine Vaccines:

We firmly believe in giving fewer vaccines to your canine during the same visit, as well as over the course of his/her life. Therefore, we highly recommend three-year vaccinations for canines. Please ask us about our three-year vaccination protocol, or click below to download our protocol handout.

For our Canine Vaccine Protocols, CLICK HERE

For our New Puppy Checklist, CLICK HERE.

 Feline Vaccines:

Although we do not have three-year vaccines for felines, the one-year feline rabies vaccine that we recommend is the latest and safest vaccine available for cats. Studies show that three-year rabies vaccines are not as safe. Click below to download our feline protocol handout.

For our Feline Vaccine Protocols, CLICK HERE.

For our New Kitten Checklist, CLICK HERE.