8 Pet Positive Resolutions for 2019

There are many ways that we can improve the lives of our cats and dogs and the New Year is a great time to get started.

Resolution #1 Measure your pet’s food…. every time!

As with us humans, it’s all too easy for a pet’s weight to gradually creep up over time. An estimated 59% of Cats and 54% of Dogs in the US are classified as overweight or obese and over 60% of UK vets say obesity is the biggest pet health and welfare concern. Consequently, tacklng your pets bulgling waistline should be a number one goal for the New Year ahead.

Measuring your pet’s food accurately is the first step to take to prevent overfeeding. Make sure you read the instructions on your pet food carefully and accurately measure your pet’s daily allowance.

Resolution #2 Get more exercise

When it comes to health and weight control, diet is only part of this equation and in order to maintain (or lose) weight, an increase in activity is also necessary in order to meet these goals.

Regular walks, speed walks or even a jog on a daily basis is a great way for you and your canine to bond and achieve this goal.. together.

For your furry feline there are awesome toys that you and your kitty play with TOGETHER that encourage the fluffy belly to move more and more everyday.

Resolution #3 Try a new activity

They say that one of the most important factors in successfully achieving a goal of getting more exercise is to find something you love doing. And this is also true of our pets! So why not try a new activity with your dog? From doga to hiking, bikejoring to kayaking, it’s easier than ever for you to incorporate your dog into a new exercise routine. You’ll both have great fun and achieve your goal of getting more exercise too!

Resolution #4 Incorporate more playtime

While taking your cat hiking isn’t a practical approach to upping the step count of our feline friends, incorporating more playtime definitely is! Cats love the thrill of chasing a laser toy and toys that trigger a cat’s predatory instinct are a great way to get them off the couch and engaged in a little aerobic activity. It’s great fun watching our kitties play and pounce and if you’re a dab hand with a smart phone, you could end up videoing the next YouTube sensation!

Resolution #5 Schedule a check-up with your vet

Have your veterinarian examine your pet at least once a year to make sure he or she is healthy and to help detect any potential problems early.

Resolution #6 Update your pet’s ID info

Maybe you’ve recently moved to a new house, changed your phone number or maybe your pet has lost their ID tag? Now is the time to ensure that your pet as an up to date tag and microchip information. It’s the best way to ensure a lost pet makes their way safely home.

Resolution #7 Clear out old toys

Just as we need to clear out our clutter from time to time, we sometimes need to do the exact same thing for our pets. Take a fresh look at your pet’s toy collection and stop holding on to old, tatty, and often germ-infested pet toys. Now’s the perfect time to do a good clear out and to give your pet something fun and new to play with. Out with the old, in with the new!

Resolution #8 Grooming time

Not only does grooming your pet remove excess fur from the coat and so reduce the amount you find on your clothes and furniture, it also helps to distribute oils from the skin to the fur, keeping the coat shiny and healthy. But that’s not all… the vast majority of pets love to be groomed and it’s a bonding activity that demonstrates to your pet how much you love them by taking care of them in a very soothing manner. Go on… schedule in some daily grooming time for the New Year ahead.


With our furry friends being such an important part of our lives, the New Year is a great time to commit to making their health and well-being an even bigger priority




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