Summer Pool Fun for All

Pool Fun and Our Furry Friends

For dogs who love to swim, playing in the water has many benefits. Swimming is an all-around healthy activity for your dog. It provides everything from exercise to stimulation, and a needed release for all that energy dogs have.

Benifits of Swim Activities 

  • The most obvious benefit of swimming for your dog is exercise. Swimming is good for the whole body, from cardio to muscles. When a dog can swim, they are naturals and adapt to it very quickly. Dogs who love to swim get a great deal of pleasure out of the activity. Some dogs will swim for hours, which is phenomenal exercise. It is even more fun when you go swimming along with your dog in a pool, or a lake. To add a little more excitement to the activity, bring along a ball or other object that floats for your dog to swim after and fetch.
  • In the extreme summer heat, dogs can have a difficult time staying cool since they do not sweat the same way humans do. They cool off through the pads of their feet, and by panting, which pulls air in. Keeping your dog hydrated is important, but you can also help them cool down with water play. Even just a little kiddie pool helps, but a good swim will help keep their body temperature at a comfortable level when they are overwhelmed with heat. Dogs may enjoy a refreshing dip, just like we do.
  • For dogs that can’t swim, you can purchase a life jacket which will allow them to join in on all the fun in the water. If you use that option, make sure you get the right size for your dog to enable the vest to do the job properly.

Natural Swimmers

  • Newfoundlands, and many of the herding dogs are among dozens of breeds renowned for their affinity to water. 
  • Labrabor Retrievers are commonly seen belly-slamming into ponds and lakes with spectacular leaps as they dive into the water after sticks and tennis balls. Also, many Border Collies and Cattle Dogs like nothing better than a refreshing dunk in the a pool after a hard day of herding sheep and helping with the family chores.

Not So Natural Swimmers

  • English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Pugs. They have short little legs that don’t allow them to take strokes or get the push they need to stay afloat. These dogs also have compromise to their respiratory function as a result of their short nasal passages, constricted nostrils, soft palate, and collapsing trachea. These characteristics make it difficult to breathe properly – an important skill when trying to swim. Life vests are the best swimming companion for these breeds. Pool + dog + vest = FUN
  • Chihahua's, Yorkie Terriers and Boxers also can be taught to swim. Their legs are long and they have plenty of energy but they don't prefer bodies of water. A nice compromise for owner and pet is a kiddy pool. Slowly introduce small amounts of water within the pool on a regular basis and watch the fun go! Soon the kiddie pool will be a summer time cool and safe blast for your pet.

Enjoy your summer with your furry buddy - Just remember to play safely.




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