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There are many different species of pet birds and each individual is as different as the next. They can live very long lives in many cases (60 years or longer for many of the larger species!) given the right care and attention. These intelligent animals require a lot of attention and exercise and their habitats and diets can vary significantly based on species.

As a general rule, most birds should be fed a pelleted diet rather than a commonly fed seed diet to avoid obesity and malnutrition. In addition, they should be fed a variety of fruits and vegetables to keep them interested and healthy. However, some common household foods can be toxic (avocado, chocolate, caffeine, some types of seeds, alcohol, etc.) and must be avoided.

Most pet bird diseases can be attributed to improper husbandry (food, environment) and can be avoided with early intervention. We recommend annual exams and bloodwork to help you keep your bird happy and healthy.

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