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Testimonial 7

“My dogs have been patients at Crestview Animal Hospital for over 25 years. I now have a therapy dog and am fortunate enough to have had Dr McGruder in our lives all these years. I have never had such a caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable veterinarian before and I have had dogs all my life. Not only does he have all these characteristic and more but he takes the time to explain and give necessary information on whatever the presenting problem is. He even calls back and makes time to answer even the smallest of concerns. I now live in Charlotte and still come back to see him with my cavalier. He is the best.The support staff are friendly and courteous s and have exemplary customer skills. Dr McGruder is an amazing man and I can only say the best about him. Thank you Dr McGruder for caring so much. ”

—Barbara Peters

Testimonial 5

“They are a great compassionate group of people. Our four legged children can not speak for themselves. Dr. McGruder and his team do their best to give them a voice. ”

—Eric M. Francis

Testimonial 6

“Dr. McGruder has always given us such excellent care for all of our Scottie's for over 15 years. He takes care of their issues when necessary and non-essential tests or procedures. Not only does he take good car of our puppy dogs but his prices are very fair for services rendered. We always recommend Dr. McGruder at Crestview - you can't go wrong”

—Terese W.

Testimonial 1

“Extremely professional staff, beautiful facility and my dog is treated so well. I recommend Crestview to everyone.”

—Sheryl R.

Testimonial 2

“I’ve been a client at Crestview for 20 years...We always receive the most professional, compassionate, kind and affordable service...”

—Shannon K.

Testimonial 3

“I love Dr. Sewell and his staff. Very friendly and you can tell they have the pet’s well being in mind...”

—Elizabeth S.

Testimonial 4

“[They] are very caring and considerate to both the pets and their owners. I have nothing but praise for [their] hospital...”

—Peggy S.